About the organisers: 

Dipa Patel is a local resident and foodie who has grown up food shopping in Tooting with her grandmother and aunts from a young age. She has seen the area change over the years, and is passionate about retaining the cultural diversity that makes the area so unique. She has lived and worked in a number of different countries, and brings her knowledge in food and cultural cuisines to the tour. She also offers an insight into the recent history of immigration in the area and how it has influenced the flavour and tastes of Tooting.

Transition Town Tooting is a community-led initiative that seeks to raise awareness locally of the effects of Climate Change, Peak Oil and the impact of human activities on the environment.


With support from: 

The Tooting Town Center Partnership is responsible for helping to channel developments in Tooting. Board members consist of local businesses owners, voluntary and community groups, Wandsworth Council and other local representatives. The partnership helps co-ordinate, develop and improve the commercial, residential and environmental aspects of Tooting in a sustainable way.